Teachery course hubs
Giving teachers a customizable platform to host, organize and promote their courses by category inside the existing Teachery environment.
case study coming soon
Promoting focused productivity at work through an intentionally designed suite of connected apps.
case study coming soon
Teachery teaser
Enticing new visitors to start a free trial using an interactive, guided walk-through experience.
live experience coming soon
Created dozens of article images and social graphics for CK to promote new blog posts via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Email.
see some in action
Instant, social video commenting with your mobile device on any content. React with your own face and get reactions from your friends.
full project
Imagining a smart diffuser app that promotes mindfulness through automation.
Full project
Imagining a cycle syncing app to help people with periods live up to their potential.
Full project
Imagining an app that uses food-scanning technology to promote mindful consumption.
Full project
Re-designing a course platform for personal and societal well-being.
Full project

Note: Some of my projects cannot be shown publicly. Please reach out to see more of my work and process.