Maddy Beard

Sunbrella | Campaign

The task was to execute an advertising campaign for Sunbrella fabrics, specifically for the indoor consumer market, increase awareness, and enhance Sunbrella’s image as sophisticated, design-oriented, interior fabric. Our campaign includes a landing page which features a web series, email blasts, posters, print ads, and a mobile application.  Designed and executed alongside the rest of the intern team at Wray Ward in Charlotte, NC.


The world is such a vast and magnificent place with so many stories to hear, cultures to experience and people to meet. We seem to be so different in language and custom, but our similarities bring us together. The world of design is no different. Interior design styles come and go over time and vary across the globe, but the need for versatile, high-performing and design-forward fabric that can elevate your home will never fade. Apart from their design and texture, the fabrics in our homes are connected to memories of life, love and laughter that bring us all together. The comfort and personality that make a house a home reside in the sofas, draperies, blankets and pillows that have seen all the ups and downs life brings. In an ever-changing world, we celebrate our diversity in culture and design, all the while knowing that Sunbrella is our common thread. It’s these shared sentiments and experiences that make us Interwoven.


fabric swatches room.png
home page banner photo credit: Wray Ward